16 oz. Stainless Steel 3-Piece Cocktail Shaker

Bar Equipment

By being able to shake up your cocktails with ice before serving, you guarantee a refreshing, chilled beverage each and every time no matter the original temperature of your liquor. Add this 3-piece shaker to your bar supplies to ensure you have all the supplies you need!

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3-Piece Design

Its 3-piece design makes this all-in-one item a necessity, as the shaker includes a cup base, strainer, and cap. Simply pour ingredients and some ice right into the shaker and put on the lid, shake it well before removing the cap, and then serve through the strainer. The lid creates a tight and secure seal to prevent spills and leaks during mixing and serving, while its built-in strainer allows you to easily pour your chilled drinks without ice falling into the glass and watering down your customer’s drink.

Overall Dimensions:
Bottom Diameter: 2 1/4″
Opening Diameter: 2″
Height: 8 1/2″
Capacity: 16 oz

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