Stainless Steel Jigger – 1 oz & 2 oz

Bar Equipment

Ensure precise pours with this 1 oz and 2 oz stainless steel jigger!

This jigger’s precise means of measurement ensures your guests they’re getting a cocktail worth their money! Its easy-to-use shape and attractive stainless steel construction makes this jigger an essential addition to your bar.

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Two Sizes

On one side, this jigger measures out 1 oz. of alcohol or other syrup flavoring, and on the opposite end is a 2 oz. jigger. This eliminates the need for a second measuring utensil. Quickly turn the jigger over to easily switch between the different capacities while making drinks for your guests.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 2 – 2 1/2″
Capacity: 1-2 oz

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