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Is Barman Emporium Events licensed and insured?

Barman Emporium Events is a licensed and insured limited liability company. We can provide you with a copy of our business license and general liability insurance policy ($2M), which includes liquor liability coverage ($1M), upon request.

How long has Barman Emporium Events been in business?

Hugo P. founder of Barman Emporium has been in the events business since 2009 in Venezuela and opening Barman Emporium Events in Philadelphia, PA in 2019. And in 2023 we open an office in Florida.

What locations do you provide services to?
We service Central Florida and most of the Gulf Coast. There is a small travel fee for events located outside our travel radius.
How much do you charge?
We are proud to be one of the top bartending services in the country, giving the absolute best in catered cocktail quality. While our party packages start at $125, the price varies based on the number of guests, length of party, and rental options selected.
What exactly does your service include?
Our service includes a certified and licensed bartender with liquor liability insurance. The making and pouring of cocktails based on the alcohol and ingredients provided by you. All professional-grade bartending tools and equipment, along with cocktail napkins, straws, basic garnishes (lemons and limes), and an empty cooler to hold your ice. At your request, we can display an 8” x 10” cocktail menu on the bar for any signature drinks you may have. Setup and cleanup time are also included in the quoted price.
What is the smallest or largest function you would take?
We have serviced different size functions from a private gathering of 4 guests, to large-scale university events for 500+ guests, to a community breast cancer awareness event for 3,000 guests. No event is too small or too big for us!
How many bartenders will I need for my event? How many servers?
We recommend one bartender per 50 people so that your guests are served quickly without waiting in a line. If using disposable ware, we recommend one server per 30 people, or if using real China, we recommend one server per 20 people. We also recommend one server for every 2 chafing stations.
What Bar Options Are Available?
There are 2 main options available. The customer may provide all the alcohol, mixers, ice, glassware, etc. Or if desired, Barman Emporium Events can provide an all-inclusive service upon request.
Do you come with a bar?
Our service does not include a bar, but we have bar rentals available. We can provide a beautiful, 5’ portable bar that illuminates to your choice of sixteen different LED color variations. It comes standard with white plexiglass paneling. We have 5’, 10’, and 15’ bar rental packages available.
Can I create my own cocktail menu?
Absolutely! We would love to help you personalize your event with a special cocktail menu created by you.
How many cocktail choices do you recommend for a party?
We recommend 3 or 4 cocktails to be the most successful. If you have too many choices, your guests will get somewhat overwhelmed and choose something they recognize, leaving a large selection untouched. Too many cocktail choices also mean having to buy various spirits, liqueurs, purees, syrups and other mixers to accommodate all the drink selections, which can get quite expensive.
How do I know how much alcohol to buy?
Barman Emporium Events will assist you with a recommended shopping list based on your number of guests, length of party, and signature drinks offered. With a 48-hr. turnaround time (not including weekends), we can provide you with a detailed shopping list of suggested quantities and selections.
Do your bartenders wear uniforms?
For more formal events, our bartenders arrive well-dressed in black pants, white long-sleeved dress shirt, long black tie (or bowtie), and black shoes. For more casual events, our bartenders arrive in our black company shirt with black pants (or shorts). We also love giving our bartenders the flexibility to show some personality and blend in with the color theme of your event. Please let us know if you have a preference for your bartenders’ attire.
Is gratuity included in your fees?
Waitstaff gratuity is not included in our fees and we recommend a 20% gratuity for all waitstaff services. Bartenders will have a tip jar out as it is customary in the bartending business, however, we do recommend tipping your bartender especially if the tip jar is “light” or if you were pleased with their services.
Do you charge for Travel?
We do not charge travel for service within 25 miles of our location. If we must travel beyond 25 miles, or out of state, then a small travel fee is applied. The travel fee varies based on miles covered.
How do I reserve my event date with Barman Emporium Events?
A 30% deposit (non-refundable) is required at the time of the contract signing. Your deposit will be applied to your final balance. The deposit may be paid via Credit Card, Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, or Check(deposits only).
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, check and cash.
When is the final balance due for my event?

Final payment is due the day before the event.  If it is not received by the end of the day, Barman Emporium Events can not guarantee service for your event.

Final payment is due the day before the event. If it is not received by the end of the day, Barman Emporium Events can not guarantee service for your event.
You can ask your bartender if they are able to stay longer but this needs to be done 30 minutes before your event end time. If they are available to stay, they will contact me and let you know. Extra hour/s the night of the event do cost slightly more than the normal hourly fee and need to be paid at that time via electronic payment directly to Barman Emporium, not the bartender.
Do you offer any other services other than beverage catering and function services?

We work closely with many other function service providers on a regular basis and can offer you advice on whatever is needed.

So why choose you over other cheaper companies?

Our beginning goes back more than 10 years ago when our owner Hugo Pérez started selling bar products for cocktails. From there he attended a bartending course and has been dedicated to professional training ever since. He has participated in competitions of cocktails in the development of his professionalism, he created Barman Emporium Events, and has personally trained each of its employees.
The important thing that the client must consider when going to hire someone in our area is to verify that it is an actual company. You should also look at all the reviews of previous clients, the possession of a business license, and full alcohol coverage insurance for events.


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