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The Bartender Essentials Kit

The Bartender Essentials Kit

16 oz. Stainless Steel 3-piece Cobbler Cocktail Shaker & Jigger

This kit has the essential items you need to make great cocktails at home. Combine one of our COCKTAIL KITS with these bartender essentials and you’ll be shaking, measuring and mixing great drinks in no time.

The Bartender Essentials Kit includes:

  • A 3-piece cocktail shaker, which consists of:
    • The main tin, ideal as a mixing glass for stirred cocktails
    • An integrated strainer, for pouring your cocktail into the glass, and leaving the ice behind.
    • A cap, for a perfect seal when shaking up your drinks.
  • A jigger (2 oz and 1 oz), for measuring out your ingredients.